Wine enthusiast members on The Ridge benefit greatly from our in-house certified sommelier and food and beverage director. Adam Shirah has procured an astounding array of wines for members to enjoy and to accompany the cuisine at Linville Ridge.  Adam leads the wine community by inviting winemakers to The Ridge for informative wine tastings, social gatherings and intimate wine dinners.

Members have the ability to purchase wines by the case at a minimal markup which provides the members the best price possible.


Our goal is to offer members wines of superior taste, quality and value. Once a month, you can find members in a complimentary wine tasting with Certified Sommeliers and sometimes, the winemakers themselves. Tastings offer a chance for members to get together and to learn more about the juice in their wine glasses, where it’s from and what makes it so special. More importantly, this offers an opportunity for wine drinkers, beginners or enthusiasts to try a different grape or region they would not otherwise. During these wine tastings and through our membership, members avail of special sales and can purchase wines by the case at minimal mark up with free delivery service to their mountain homes.  


Linville Ridge is proud to have hosted many notable wineries in the past three years. Events like these bring to life our membership’s affinity for wine. Through Chef Bernhardt’s culinary creation coupled with Certified Sommelier, Adam Shirah’s brilliant wine pairings, members experience an evening of luxury and creative excellence.  A dinner with six to seven courses at least, each perfectly paired with a glass of wine, members find themselves indulging and drinking out of their comfort zones and treading unchartered wine regions.  

In partnering and welcoming many wineries to Linville Ridge, our wine dinners set a stage for prominent brands to build lasting impressions on our wine enthusiasts or for those just learning the grapes.  

Notable wineries that we have welcomed and partnered with:

  • Krupp Brothers
  • Miner Family Vineyards (with Benedetto Guitars)
  • Paul Hobbs Imports
  • Andy Erikson of Favia
  • Shafer
  • Faila
  • Blackbird
  • Kosuge
  • Cardinale
  • Lokoya


Members are invited to special sales and can purchase wines by the case at minimal mark up from the Ridge Reserve Wine Shoppe. Delivery service to Linville Ridge member’s mountain homes is provided free of charge.

What a nice feeling when you walk into the club and every employee from the Director of Golf to the bag boy addresses you with not only your name but a smile on their face. It just starts the day off with a bang, and it keeps getting better after that. – Mary Lester
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