• Flat Top Mountain was the name the locals gave Linville Ridge’s mountain years ago.
  • The Linville Ridge Golf Course was designed by George Cobb to follow the natural contours of the mountain.
  • In 2007, Bobby Weed was brought in to update the golf course. Bobby Weed Golf Design, Inc. “roughened” up the bunkers, making the once-smooth edges jagged and craggy to create a ruggedness that is comfortable with its environment.
  • Average summer temperature is 75 degrees – perfect for playing golf from dawn to dusk.
  • Hole 13 stands at 4949 feet above sea level; as such, Linville Ridge is the highest elevation golf course east of the Mississippi River.
  • Linville Ridge is the only golf course in the area that is not in the shadow of Grandfather Mountain; instead it rises up and shakes hands with Grandfather Mountain. In other words, Linville Ridge is on, not in, the mountains.
  • Fourteen holes have long-range views of the valley; eleven holes have a view of Grandfather Mountain.
  • The elevation of Hole 16 starts at 4850 feet at the tee and lands at 4740 feet at the pin. This 110 feet elevation change is equivalent to an eleven (11) story building.
  • The view on Hole 2 over to Grandfather Mountain is one of the most breathtaking views in the Blue Ridge Mountains.