Game On | The Best in Billiard Rooms

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May 5, 2015

1718 Forest Ridge Drive 17 | Linville Ridge, North CarolinaCreating a pleasurable game room is serious business for today’s top designers. From the finest pool tables and gaming machines to the ultimate in lighting and technology, modern game rooms are made for those who like to work hard and play harder. If you’re looking to up your game, take a cue from these luxury listings.

327 Branch Water Run 3 | Linville Ridge, North Carolina“The game room is very individualized for the user,” says Patricia Davis Brown, a Florida-based interior designer and owner of Patricia Davis Brown Designs. “Most game rooms are set up for multiple games and entertainment systems. You would also need to consider a beverage bar to accommodate the people while enjoying their hobby."While pool and poker tables are classic staples of any game space, Brown believes that they are only a part of the design process. “Today’s game room must come with the latest smart home technologies,” she explains, “and when designing a new game room you want to keep future technologies in mind as well.”Outdoor rooms take advantage of natural light to the fullest extent, but the lighting of indoor spaces requires a lot of planning. “Lighting is important because with some games you need to have specific amounts of light output,” Brown continues. “In some cases you would not want to create too much light, like viewing TV, so it might be best to design a layered lighting plan. I have studied lighting design for over 10 years and really believe in lighting your spaces correctly.”When putting together your “game plan,” it’s essential to do your homework and find specialists for each of your design elements. “Collaborating with a team of experts creates the best outcome,” Brown concludes. “You want the experts in their field specifying automation, lighting and gaming.”