The Year of the Wine Room

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May 5, 2015

Leading luxury home designers agree that wine rooms are one of this year's most popular amenities. According to Kevin Cozen of Classical Progression, a luxury design and building company, both classic and modern wine rooms are in high demand. “The first, more traditional method, is to hide the wine room and keep it in the same vein as a wine cave would be in a winery,” he explains. “In that sense there might be coffered ceilings lined with brick, cobblestone floors, and a large old wood antique block table in the middle so you can wine and dine surrounded by the bottles.”

Cozen explains that modern rooms integrate the wine as a piece of sculpture into the main part of the home. “One example of this may be walls of glass with the wines on display, centrally located as a centerpiece or sculptural piece of the home. There might be beautiful lighting to highlight the bottles and elegant materials such as rich woods, glass and mirrors.”

Luxury listings from Premier Sotheby's International Realty like the one above illustrate the endless possibilities of housing fine wine collections.